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8 Good Skin Habits for Achieving Glowing Skin All Year Round

8 Good Skin Habits for Achieving Glowing Skin All Year Round The new year presents a chance to turn over a new leaf, and in this case, give your skin a total makeover. Cut out all bad habits ASAP and stick to healthier practices for that natural glow. To help you out, here’s our checklist of good skin habits to pick up:

#1 Cleanse not once but twice

A well-cleansed face is the ideal canvas for glowing skin. It absorbs products better, shuns pimples and looks infinitely fresher. So break free of that makeup wipe-only life and give double cleansing a permanent spot in your routine.

#2 And make it gentle

Cleansing thoroughly shouldn’t dry out your skin, no matter how much you love that squeaky clean feel. Switch to a gentle, pH-balanced face wash this year to recover from dehydration or a damaged moisture barrier. 8 Good Skin Habits for Achieving Glowing Skin All Year Round

#3 Exfoliate more than one way

Physical exfoliation (i.e. face scrubs) are still in, but not the only choice. Immerse yourself in the world chemical exfoliating and we swear your skin will thank you later.

#4 Drop nut shells and microbeads for good

The exfoliator you love might be wreaking havoc on not just your skin but the oceans as well. Face scrubs that use hard nut shells like walnuts cause microtears in the skin, damaging it and making it prone to irritation. Plastic microbeads, on the other hand, are damaging the environment by being their non-biodegradable selves. So if you’re a fan of physical exfoliation, opt for products with milder and biodegradable ingredients.

#5 Know the difference between oily and dehydrated

While there’s no “cure” for oily skin, it is possible to balance it so it produces less oil. Excessive oil production is usually a sign of dehydration, so solving your shine problems can actually point to moisturizing more.

#6 Ditch alcohol-filled toners

The mattifying effect of most toners are typically thanks to a high concentration of alcohol that: 1) dries your skin out, and 2) makes it even oilier the more you use it. Make hydration your priority this year and tone with moisturizing, alcohol-free toners that balance your skin’s pH level.

#7 Go to sleep moisturized

One light layer of cream at night isn’t enough if it’s glassy skin you’re going for. Layer several moisturizing steps on top of each other before you sleep to wake up to a healthier, more hydrated complexion.

#8 Get to the bottom of your acne woes

If your struggle with acne is still persisting through the new year, gather the courage to consult a professional immediately. It’ll be easier to solve it if you know what’s causing it, so go!


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