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Tips on How to Eat Organic Food on a Tight Budget

Tips on How to Eat Organic Food on a Tight Budget When you’ve got a tight budget, meal planning and grocery shopping has its challenges. And, when you have a tight budget and you’re dedicated to eating healthy, it’s even trickier. [click to continue…]

Delicious Pregnancy Snacks!

Delicious Pregnancy Snacks! When hunger strikes between meals, it’s tempting to grab a bag of chips or a candy bar. But healthy homemade snacks can be just as quick and easy as those prepackaged options. Try these nutrient-packed treats. [click to continue…]

Things to do Daily to Stay Healthy

Things to do Daily to Stay Healthy Being healthier doesn’t have to mean overhauling your entire lifestyle. Sometimes all it takes is a few simple changes. From eating more carrots to watching puppy videos (that’s right, puppy videos), these quick-and-easy tweaks to your daily health regimen can make a huge difference in the way you feel. [click to continue…]

Healthy Snack Recipes That You Can Munch on Anytime!

Healthy Snacks That You Can Munch on Anytime! With the Winter Blues quickly turning into Bikini Season Blahs, it’s easy to want to bump up your bodyliciousness. That can be hard to do after an entire season of comfort food eating, snacking whenever you want, and hiding that unwanted chub under a thick sweater and sea of scarves. Here are some fabulous snack ideas to help you bridge the gap between winter eating and summer body beauty. Snacks you can eat all day long without feeling the least bit guilty. Snacks that will actually help you lose weight, when combined with other low calorie, high in nutrients food. [click to continue…]

Amazing and Delicious Slow Cooker Recipes

We can think of few things better than walking through the door after a long day and knowing that a home-cooked meal awaits us. And since we don’t have our own personal live-in chefs, we’ll have to rely on our slow cookers to help us out.

Amazing and delicious slow cooker recipes These comforting recipes take just a little bit of prep work in the morning or the night before, and then rely on the slow cooker to do the heavy lifting. Your future self will thank you. [click to continue…]

Foods to avoid for pregnant women

Foods to Avoid for Pregnant Women Every expectant mom knows there are certain foods that should be avoided during pregnancy to protect the health of their unborn baby. The list, however, has become so long and so controversial that it’s difficult to know which foods/drinks actually pose a health risk and which ones are actually safe for consumption. [click to continue…]

Holiday Recipes that Anyone Would Love

holiday-recipes-that-anyone-would-love Hosting a family dinner this Christmas, but have no idea what to serve your loved ones? Here are a few holiday recipes that anyone would surely love! [click to continue…]

6 Tips to Hosting a hassle-free Thanksgiving dinner

6-tips-to-hosting-a-hassle-free-thanksgiving-dinner From cooking an extravagant turkey dinner to readying the house for guests, hosting Thanksgiving is a lot of work.  This annual day of thanks should be focused on connecting with family and enjoying each other’s company, not worrying if the bird will be dry or the guests will love the decors. These 6 tips will streamline your Thanksgiving holiday so you can relax and enjoy it to the fullest. [click to continue…]

Simple Tricks You Should Try to Stop Bloating

simple-tricks-you-should-try-to-stop-bloating Feel gassy? Like you’ve gained 10 pounds in the past two days? Most likely, bloating is to blame. Fortunately, you can avoid that puffiness for good by taking a few simple precautions: [click to continue…]

Ways To Have Chocolate for Breakfast

ways-to-have-chocolate-for-breakfast We all know a healthy breakfast is a good idea. But also, pastries exist. When faced with a contradiction of this magnitude, the best thing to do is to take the middle path. So, yeah, eat a healthy breakfast most days, but don’t feel bad about allowing yourself to have chocolate for breakfast when you feel like it. And for those days when you do feel like it, here are some delicious chocolate recipes: [click to continue…]