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6 Questions to Ask Your Dermatologist on Your First Visit

6 Questions to Ask Your Dermatologist on Your First Visit Although there are some who regularly visits their dermatologists, majority of women still rely on skin care cheat sheets for their skin concerns and view dermas as an unnecessary vanity. While there’s nothing wrong with referring to tips and trends for your beauty concerns, every woman has a different skin type and the only way to really know how to treat your skin concerns right is by visiting a dermatologist. Once you’ve made up your mind about heading to a derma for an in-depth consultation, make sure not to forget these conversation starters and make the most out of your first checkup!

#1 What food should I avoid?

There are a lot of factors that contribute to breakouts and skin allergies, and that includes the food that you eat. Make sure to ask how your current diet is affecting your skin and let your dermatologist break down the types of food you should avoid eating. Too oily and fried food can cause wanted breakouts as well as too much consumption of dairy.

#2 What skin care ingredients should I avoid?

A lot of women may be raving about hyaluronic acid, retinol, and snail secretion filtrate, but those power ingredients may not suitable for your skin type! Ask your dermatologist for your skin type and a list of referred skin care products to use not according to trends, but according to what your skin actually needs. 6 Questions to Ask Your Dermatologist on Your First Visit

#3 Up to what extent is my sun damage?

Even if you regularly put on sun protection, you might have missed a few spots like the back of your neck! Ask your dermatologist to check your sun spots so you can still remedy it before it turns into more complicated skin care issues.

#4 What type of sunscreen should I use?

Unlike before, sunscreens now come in various forms—from lotions to sprays. While more and more women are becoming sensitive about sun protection, more often than not, the SPF level you’re using is not enough. A sunscreen with at least an SPF of 30 is a must. But depending on your sun spots, it is best to let a dermatologist tell you what type of sunscreen is best for your skin type as well as the SPF level your skin needs. Plus, don’t forget to ask if you need to reapply your sunscreen within a day, too!

#5 What is causing my acne?

You can attribute your modern acne to pollution, stress, and so on, but your breakouts could also be caused by medical reasons such as hormonal imbalance. To be sure, let your dermatologist find the root cause of your acne sitch and be one step closer to great and healthy skin.

#6 How often should I exfoliate?

How often one should exfoliate is still up for debate. Some say that it’s a completely unnecessary step while some swear by it. But different skin types require different frequency when it comes to exfoliating. While some can handle exfoliating daily, others with a more sensitive skin type may not. Talk to your doctor and make sure to ask what exfoliant you should use for your skin, too!


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