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How to Reduce the Risk of Developing Breast Cancer

How to Reduce the Risk of Developing Breast Cancer Our biggest trouble with breast cancer is that most of us are not sure how we can avoid it. The disease is too common in women that it rings familiar enough for us to ignore its severity. For some, it takes the loss of a relative or a friend before they take action, which obviously should not be the case. Being free of the illness requires more proactivity, because in actual fact, being a woman alone puts us at risk of it.

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Things Working Students Can Do to De-stress

Things working students can do to de-stress It’s been established in the 2012 report by the American Psychological Association, it has been established that Millennials are the most stressed generation. However, within the generation itself, women are likely to face more pressures compared to men. In fact, 51%of millennial women reported showing signs of stress like lying awake in bed at night, becoming more irritable, and losing motivation.

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All the Things You Should Know Before Your First Brazilian Wax There are tons of ways out there to get rid of unwanted facial and body hair?—be it shaving, hair removal creams, or epilation! Waxing, on the other hand, could scare a lot of girls (and even men!). After all, waxing is notorious for being painful! With all those waxing challenges and hilarious reactions on YouTube. It’s no wonder waxing gets such a reputation—especially when it comes to our more *ahem* tender parts. [click to continue…]

Beauty Products You Might be Using the Wrong Way

Beauty Products You Might be Using the Wrong Way (1) Strikingly similar to grammar, the beauty world has its own set of common mistakes. Especially since product myths are everywhere online, there’s a slight chance that you, too, are committing these blunders. [click to continue…]

Signs that Breakup was for the Best

Signs that Breakup was for the Best If you’re in one of those days when you miss your ex and think of getting back together, hold that thought. Remember why you guys broke up, because that will let you know if getting back together is even a smart idea. More importantly, it’ll make you realize or remind you that going your separate ways was for the best. Here are the signs that it actually was: [click to continue…]

Hacks for Surviving the Summer without an Airconditioner These brilliant life hacks will teach you how to keep cool so you can survive a stifling hot summer with no air conditioning. [click to continue…]

Things You Should Remember with Meeting a Guy for the First Time Strong, confident women tend to be go-getters—even when it comes to finding love. But when you’ve been set up with a friend’s new officemate or you click with someone online and want to meet up, it’s essential to take precautionary measures before going on a date with someone you barely know. [click to continue…]

Best responses to a flirty text from someone already taken It’s upsetting to know that there are some men who can’t help but stray and cheat even though their girlfriends and wives treat them well. But, it’s also important to note that cheating is a two-way street—it happens because both parties agree to committing it. Sure, the man who made the first move is at fault, but when the other woman reciprocates it, it’s already a different story. [click to continue…]

Things You Need to Know About Dandruff

Things you need to know about dandruff Dandruff may not be the most pleasant word to hear, but let’s face it, it’s a common hair problem both boys and girls face. Before you try to hide or banish the tiny, white flakes on your head, it’s important to know the facts behind dandruff first. That way, you can be sure that your hair solutions will be foolproof. [click to continue…]

Cocktail Recipes That Will Impress Your Friends!

Cocktail Recipes That Will Impress Your Friends Creating a cocktail may seem like a bartender’s specialty. You have to mix in the right liquor for the cocktail to taste amazing, so we all think that it’s hard to do! However, we have compiled some cocktail recipes that are so easy to mix that it will impress your friends! [click to continue…]