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Bad Student Habits that you Should Break

Bad Student Habits that you Should Break Sometimes we just hope that all requirements in school can be done instantly without stressing ­or sacrificing sleep. With all the things we need to do, we sometimes end up cramming or finishing our tasks just “for the sake of.” Before we know it, we’re doing these bad practices out of habit. Here are some habits you need to cut off when you’re still studying.

1.       “Whatever. This is enough to get me an average score.”

Writing a three-page essay involves a lot of work, so what happens is you tend to make it your goal to get it done and over with. After exhausting all your efforts and finishing the first draft, you’re tempted to skip the editing part and submit your work immediately because it’s much easier. However, school works should be taken seriously since these are not given for the sake of having grades but to check what you’ve learned. Break the mindset of settling for less and give your best shot whenever you’re given a task.

2.       “I’ll finish everything tomorrow.”

We are all guilty of this and are very well aware of its consequences. Procrastination is hard to fight but it can make or break you. Either way, it still destroys productivity and more often than not, you’ll gain nothing but tons of regrets. Start spending less time watching your favorite shows or putting aside less important agenda and accomplish everything before another load of school work surprises you. Bad Student Habits that you Should Break

3.       Doing your homework last minute

Being bombarded with essays, long quizzes, and reports are part of the many struggles or challenges that students face. And there’s a reason it’s given in advance: so you have enough time to work on it. And while it does feel like the time given is never enough, it’s still boils down to how you manage your time and balance everything.

4.       Checking your Facebook now and then

Using social media is not a problem particularly when it’s for updating your group mates, engaging on comprehensive social talks and everything related with your class. Though, it should be limited to that when you’re currently finishing your tasks because admit it, it’s hard not to scroll on your feed even you already know it is going distract you and waste your time.

5.       Relying too much on the internet

Thanks to technology, almost everything you need for your research is just one click away. But you also need to make sure that the information you gather are correct, and that you make something of your own about what you find online and not just simply copying and pasting them. Be sure to fact check or cross check your facts with books from the library or by interviewing people because varied sources are better.

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