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Wall Colors to Paint your Dining Room

Wall Colors to Paint your Dining Room No one who hosts a dinner party wants friends or family leaving hungry. Luckily, color is on your side. According to research, the shade you choose for your dining room has a dramatic effect on how much guests eat and the status of their appetite by the time they head home.


1.       Yellow

If you want your guests to clear their plates (and then some), think about temperatures. “Research indicates that warm colors makes us feel hungry,” according to researches. This includes yellow.

2.       Orange

According to researches, oranges also rev up appetites. But if you don’t want your formal space to feel like Halloween, go with a subtle shade, like cantaloupe.

3.       Red

The color red will also make guests’ stomachs rumble. Research says red will give people a boost of strength too, so make sure you have enough food for seconds. Wall Colors to Paint your Dining Room


1.       Blue

Blue is associated with rest and provides a cooling environment, which leads to a decreased appetite. This might mean your guests will be hungry by the time they get home.

2.       Pink

Another calming color that might stop your guests from enjoying your delicious cooking to the fullest, is light pink with gray or blue tones.

3.       Emerald green

Colors that are saturated, but not too bright, energize us — like emerald green. But after long periods of being energized by this color, people get tired. Meaning this shade will may make guests want to leave your dinner party early.

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