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Homemade Dog Food That Your Pet Will Surely Love!

Homemade Dog Food That Your Pet Will Surely Love It seems like we’re always hearing horror stories about the horrible byproducts that go into commercial dog foods — not to mention the constant recalls companies seem to always be issuing. More and more, DIY pet food is starting to feel like the right way to go.

These homemade dog food recipes will give your pup the nutrition they need, without all that added stuff they don’t. Plus, your dog will totally think they are eating human food — which will make them feel beyond special.

1.       Turkey and fresh veggies

There’s nothing to this recipe but turkey, fresh vegetables and rice. It’s super-simple and much cheaper than that store-bought stuff.

Get the recipe here.

2.       Vegan dog food

Even dogs can eat vegan.

Get the recipe here.

3.       Chicken and spinach

Freeze this dog food in individual servings for easy thawing and feeding.

Get the recipe here. Homemade Dog Food That Your Pet Will Surely Love

4.       Diabetic dog food

Having a dog with special dietary needs is a challenge, but a good arsenal of recipes helps a ton.

Get the recipe here.

5.       Slow cooker dog food

Throw this in your slow cooker in the morning and have a week’s worth of dog food by dinner time.

Get the recipe here.

6.       Frugal dog food

Even homemade dog food can be costly. This version keeps the budget low.

Get the recipe here. Homemade Dog Food That Your Pet Will Surely Love

7.       Bone broth

Bone broth is a great addition to a meal for healthy dogs, and it’s an easy-to-handle meal replacement for one that’s a bit under the weather.

Get the recipe here.

8.       Peanut butter and coconut biscuits

We all know dogs love peanut butter, but have you thought about mixing it with coconut?

Get the recipe here.

9.       No-bake dog treats

You don’t even have to turn your oven on to make your pup these treats.

Get the recipe here.

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