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Activities You Can Do at the Beach Other Than Swimming

Activities You Can Do at the Beach Other Than Swimming If you are heading to a summer getaway soon, then this article will help you knowfun activities to do at the beach. Remember when you used to have loads of fun at the beach when you were little? Well, you can totally relive the fun moments. So, here are fun activities to do at the beach, that involve everything from building sandcastles to loading up on delicious smoothies.

  1. Start a treasure hunt, hide things in the sand everywhere around you, write hints on cards and make your friends start looking.
  2. Take advantage of the good weather and start squatting, lunging and working-out. Believe me, it will be your best workout during the summertime.
  3. Fly a kite! This could be a fun activity to do at the beach if you have kids with you.
  4. You can have a barbecue party and enjoy the atmosphere, from the music to the food, the view and of course the good company.
  5. You can start learning new sports like surfing, kite surfing, sail surfing, boarding and hover boarding and spend endless time of fun.
  6. Start water gun fights, and take it to the next level. Invite everyone in and add a twist with a water balloon fight! Activities You Can Do at the Beach Other Than Swimming
  7. If you have kids, get a mini inflatable pool, fill it with sea water and let enjoy their time right next to you!
  8. Bury a friend’s body in the sand and start making funny shapes, like a mermaid, and take funny pictures of them!
  9. If you’re with your friends, then have a Limbo dance competition! You’ll just need some music and lots of your moves!
  10. If you’re heading to the beach with kids, get some cake molds, and play sand bakery! Decorate your imaginary cakes with seashells.
  11. Make a time capsule. Write a memory from the day, or take something you like and put in a box, then bury it somewhere safe, so you can come back next year and find it.
  12. Open a nice cold can of soda with a lot of ice or eat your favorite ice cream flavor to fight the hot weather! Activities You Can Do at the Beach Other Than Swimming

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