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15 Items You Should Have in Your Holiday Travel Kit

Items You Should Have in Your Holiday Travel Kit For a lot of girls, one of the most enjoyable things about going on a trip is the process of planning your OOTDs. Seeing all your outfits laid out, while taking into consideration your itinerary (of course you’ll save your prettiest coat for the most Instagrammable places on your list!) easily makes you more excited for your well-deserved holiday.

Curating your travel beauty kit, however, is a different matter: Pairing down all your makeup and skincare essentials can be stressful, especially when you have to consider all the in-flight rules for liquids, flammable items, and sharp objects. But it doesn’t have to be so difficult! Here are 15 items you should have in your holiday travel kit:

#1 Shampoo

Nothing ruins a travel selfie faster than visible dandruff flakes. Pack an anti-dandruff shampoo for clean, healthy hair.

#2 Conditioner

Heading to the beach? Give your hair extra TLC by coating your tresses before hitting the waves.

#3 Soap

Get an antibacterial soap to stay protected from germs on your trip. Items You Should Have in Your Holiday Travel Kit

#4 Toothbrush

What’s the use of all the products you hoard if you have bad breath? Tip: Use a foldable toothbrush since it can easily squeeze in your pocket or knapsack.

#5 Toothpaste

Get a travel size tube that you can easily cram into your kit.

#6 A razor

Going on a long trip? Stash a razor in your bag so you can wear those revealing outfits with confidence.

#7 Deodorant

Body odor and sweat stains should be the last of your worries—especially since you’ll most likely be on your feet all day on your trip.

#8 Lip balm

You never know if you’ll meet a hottie on your vacay, so keep your puckers kissable with a swipe of lip balm.

#9 Moisturizer

Prevent your skin from becoming dry and irritated during your trip by slathering on moisturizer twice a day. This product helps keep your skin looking young, too!

#10 A serum

The serum boosts skin cell renewal, giving you youthful skin in as little as four weeks. No need to bother with makeup when your skin’s already glowing!

#11 Sanitary napkins

It wouldn’t hurt to stash some sanitary napkins in your bag just in case you get your period!

#12 Vick’s inhaler

Getting a clogged nose is one of the worst things about going to a cold place. Bring a Vick’s Inhaler for instant relief.

#13 Band aids

For any blisters or scrapes you’ll get on your vacay.

#14 Tissue

Always have a pack of tissue in your bag to make emergency cleanups a breeze.

#15 Alcohol

Stash a small bottle of isopropyl alcohol so you can sanitize your hands on the go.


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