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Hacks to Apply and Remove Glitter Nail Polish Easily

Hacks to Apply and Remove Glitter Nail Polish Easily Having our nails painted on has always been a way for us to express yourself, but like every woman out there, we don’t always have the time or the money to get our nails professionally done. Here are three hacks that made my life much easier when it comes to applying and removing glitter nail polishes:

#1 Roll the nail polish bottle between your hands

If you went to your local nail salon, you’ll probably notice your manicurist rolling your chosen nail polish between their hands. Well, it turns out this trick helps in stopping bubbles from forming when you apply it on your nails. By rolling the nail polish, the solution would mix well and have a smoother finish. This prevents the polish to be too runny and watery or too sticky. Hacks to Apply and Remove Glitter Nail Polish Easily

#2 Glitter nail polish should be dabbed, not brushed on

As much as I love glitter nail polish, it’s also without a doubt hard to put on. Admit it, how many times have you swiped on a new coat only for the previous one to rub off. To achieve this, all you need are three things: a base coat, a sponge, and your favorite glitter polish.

#3 Soak cotton balls with nail polish remover

Love glitter nail polish, but don’t know how to remove it? Well, you’re in luck, because I know a handy little trick! To remove the stubborn nail polish, just soak up a cotton ball with nail polish remover.


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