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DIY Home Decors for Your First Born Baby’s Room

DIY Home Decors for Your First Born Baby's Room What could be sweeter and more adorable than a new baby? We thought you’d agree, which is why we’ve created this post dedicated to fun nursery decor design ideas. Whether you are having a bouncing baby boy or a giggling baby girl, you’ll find some great tips to decorate the nursery. Best of all, there are projects ideal for beginning crafts as well as some for more advanced ones too. A homemade DIY nursery decor project makes a terrific baby shower or 1st birthday present too. Happy Crafting!

1.       Transform baby shower cards into wall art

Keep the gift tags or greeting cards that you will be receiving on your baby shower, as you can transform these cards into wall art! Cut out the cards into heart shapes (or any shape you like), paste them into a frame and you’ve got yourself a cheap but gorgeous wall art! DIY Home Decors for Your First Born Baby's Room

2.       Turn your old bookcase into a dresser!

You can save money by turning an old bookcase into your baby’s dresser! You can install pvc pipes into the bookcase, put small shelves and paint the bookcase into whatever color you like. You don’t have to buy a new dresser, the old bookcase will look just as pretty as a new dresser!

3.       Animals bums coat hook

In a rectangular wood, paint or put stickers of animals that are facing the wall. Once you are done, screw hooks that are placed exactly on the bums of the animals, making it look like their tails. You now have a cute animal themed coat hook! DIY Home Decors for Your First Born Baby's Room

4.       Display boxes from Wine cases

Turn old wine cases into display boxes! Just get an old wine case, paint it to whatever color you like, screw it into the walls of your baby’s room, and you’ve got an instant display box!

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