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Woman on Top: How to Deal with Office Gossip

Office Gossip Whether you’re a manager or a member of a work staff, negative gossip around the office should not be tolerated.  Not only does it lower down the morale of the person being talked about, it also affects the team as well.  This leads to productivity issues, poor employee engagement, and you might even lose your high performing employees!  Below are some tips on how to deal with office gossip.

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Woman on Top: How to Write the Perfect Resume

Perfect Resume Your resume is the first impression a prospective employer will have about you.  It has to showcase your skills and work experience suited to the industry.  Research shows that it takes recruiters an average of six seconds before they make the preliminary decision of whether a candidate is fit for the job or not.  Here’s how you can create a perfect resume to land you your dream job.

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Woman on Top: Using Social Media to Boost Career

social media career Today, social media has become widely accepted and used by many.  Statistics show that it’s now the most common thing Internet users do online, to the point of dethroning porn as the #1 activity!

Due to its popularity and the ease of networking, many of us have a social media account to connect with friends, share our thoughts and feelings, and document happenings in our lives.  But aside from posting what music you’re listening to or movie you’re watching, you can also use social media to boost your career!

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