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4 Signs It’s Time To Get A Major Haircut

4 Signs It’s Time To Get A Major Haircut! There’s no better time than the new year to sport a brand new hairstyle — after all, it’s the easiest way to start fresh. Why do you think the “breakup haircut” exists? But if you need a little more nudge, here are a couple signs to know if it’s time for you to get a major haircut:

#1 You always put up your hair

If you always find yourself tossing your strands up into your go-to messy bun day after day, this act only suggests one thing: putting your hair down isn’t such a thrilling idea.

#2 Your beauty routine is starting to feel like a chore

Your morning beauty routines should be exciting, but if you feel otherwise, take it as a clear sign that you either need to rethink your go-to makeup or your current hairstyle. Getting wispy bangs (yes, even the little changes make all the difference) or a fresh lob cut will get you out of the beauty rut, stat. 4 Signs It’s Time To Get A Major Haircut!

#3 The ends are split and dry

This is perhaps the most obvious sign there is. When your hair is starting to look lifeless with its dry and brittle ends and it’s causing you to look extra tired, don’t even think twice about getting a trim.

#4 You’re tired of taming it in the morning

Fighting with your long hair for it to stay smooth and tangle-free is a hassle you just can’t deal with every morning. So why not daringly take the short hair plunge and reward yourself with a few more glorious hours of sleep? With the coming of the new year, it’s only right that you finally let go of the things that weigh you down.


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