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5 Easy Hacks to Party-Proof Your Makeup Look

5 Easy Hacks to Party-Proof Your Makeup Look Socializing does way more than drain your energy. Keep your look fresh all night long with these fool-proof hacks:

#1 Seal your lashes

Waterproof mascara may make you think of summer, but for us, it is a no-brainer when it comes to all-night parties.

#2 Go blotto

Instead of frequently applying powder to hide oiliness (extra layers of make-up will just cause a lumpy, pilling effect), keep oil-blotting sheets at your desk and in your clutch. Swiped over your face, they soak up excess oil without taking off all your makeup. 5 Easy Hacks to Party-Proof Your Makeup Look

#3 On-the-go glow

If your skin is looking a little lackluster but you’ve not had time to tan, pep up your look with a liberal dusting of mineral dust. Swept over shoulders, chest and cheekbones, it adds a healthy, believable hit of radiance.

#4 Look to liquid

Liquid liner may take patience and a steady hand, but when you find the right one, it won’t budge as easily as a kohl pencil can when you inevitably get too hot at the Christmas party.

#5 Zap the chap

Is there anything worse than dry, flaky lips? In a word: no. The best trick (like the pros do backstage) is to use exfoliating wipes pre-party, as they’re softer and gentler on the skin than the old age trick of frantically rubbing with a dry toothbrush.

#6 Opt for creams

Creamy eyeshadows are your go-to for parties, as when sweat and powder make-up mixes, the result isn’t pretty – plus, the creamy formula means they shimmer beautifully under festive lighting.


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