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Chic Looks That Don’t Require Too Much Effort

Chic Looks That Don't Require Too Much Effort When you have people to see, meetings to attend, and parties to grace, the last thing you want to worry about is what you’re going to wear. When in doubt, rely on these five outfits that will make you look put-together even on a casual day.

#1 Leather jacket + sweater + black skirt + loafers

If you’re battling the elements and looking for something a little cozier, this combination is like a warm hug on the stormiest of days. Plus, an edgy leather jacket makes the perfect add-on for a look that’s more sleek than schoolgirl.

#2 Blouse + pencil skirt + pumps

The easiest way to look put-together at the office is with a classic pencil skirt-and-blouse combo. Complete the corporate chic look with a chic bag which is versatile enough to bring to an after-office party, too. Plus points if you can add a fun accessory into the mix! Chic Looks That Don't Require Too Much Effort

#3 Black top + black pants + ballet flats + statement jacket

While this one seems like a no-brainer, many forget about the easy style an all-black outfit brings. It adds sophistication and polish to your jeans without sacrificing comfort. Throw on a fun jacket with a bag in red color to break up the monotony!

#4 White t-shirt + trousers + duster coat

Casual days at the office call for t-shirts and jeans, but consider this your dressier option for a chill Friday night. Swap the jeans for trousers and a handbag to add polish, but bring back the comfort by donning an easy duster coat.

#5 Oversized top + wide-leg culottes + flats

Ready for the weekend? This roomy silhouette is perfect for doing errands and running around town.


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