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Reasons Why Your Blush Looks Awkward

Reasons Why Your Blush Looks Awkward Don’t you hate it when you put on your blush but instead of looking gorgeous, you look like someone slapped you and it’s so awkward? Worry no more! Here are some of the reasons why your blush looks awkward:

#1 You use the wrong brush

When the brush is too small, it might create defined circles on your cheeks that are hard to blend. Use one that’s specifically created for blush application to evenly deposit the color.

#2 You smile while applying it

That trick of smiling while applying blush is outdated. Doing so brings down the face because the cheeks naturally go low when you return to your resting face. Reasons Why Your Blush Looks Awkward

#3 You use an unflattering shade

The most natural-looking shade would be the color you get after a workout or a long walk. Plus, take note of your undertone to make sure that the hue can work with your complexion. Your foolproof bet? A coral-pink blush.

#4 You’re too lazy to blend

Again, your blush need not to be obvious. It should just be a subtle flush, so blending to make the harsh lines disappear is a must.

#5 You sweep it on the whole cheek

You’ll look like someone just slapped you! Do it the right way: With a light hand, gently sweep the brush on the apples of your cheeks (Don’t smile, okay?) going upwards where your temple is located.


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