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Outdated Beauty Rules You Should Be Breaking

Outdated Beauty Rules You Should Be Breaking Once upon a time, simple beauty tips became hard dos and don’ts in the beauty realm. However, some of them are definitely old news, and could easily be done away with ASAP. Here are a few that you should take with a grain of salt:

Rule to break #1: Using foundation everyday

Caking on unnecessary amounts of foundation daily can take its toll on your skin (i.e. worsen the breakouts you’re trying to hide). That said, a little bit of concealer can go a long way. Ditch the layers and simply tap onto any problem spots. Let your skin breathe!

Rule to break #2: Contouring

Kim K’s infamous (not to mention tedious) sculpting technique is officially out. The new trend? Strobing. While contouring is all about playing with shadows, strobing focuses on reflecting light. To do it, swipe a liquid highlighter above your cheekbones, on the bridge of your nose, and across your brow bone for that lit-from-within look. Outdated Beauty Rules You Should Be Breaking

Rule to break #3: Having an overly-matte face

We’re all about that dewy finish the Korean girls love, so spread a glowy base evenly onto your face with your fingertips for a natural, luminous look. A tip for the oily-skinned: Set your T-zone with just the lightest dusting of powder.

Rule to break #4: No wearing of dark lips in the day time

A pink pout may be pretty, but nothing spells serious business like a deep, dark lip. Grab just the right amount of attention by swiping on something like a deep brown, which is a sultry homage to the ’90s. To keep the focus on your puckers, make sure your outfit and the rest of your makeup are starkly simple.

Rule to break #5: Overdoing your eyebrows

These days, anything au naturel is en vogue—and that includes your eyebrows. Instead of painstakingly drawing them on, use a softly pigmented brow pencil to very lightly sweep some color on your brows. Keep brushing until any harsh lines have been blended out.

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