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Storage Ideas for Your Precious Bag Collection

Storage Ideas for Your Precious Bag Collection How do you reward yourself? Some buy shoes, others prefer accessories, a chosen few buy books or a new tube of lipstick, while there are those who would love to splurge on bags. So if you’re the type who gets new arm candy from time to time, it’s a must for you to know how to keep them organized. To help you out, we’ve put together helpful tips on how to store your bags. Check them out below:

#1 Create a system

Having an organized system at home can help you keep your bags under control. Try to have a storage that makes it easy for you to see your options. Avoid putting them [on top of one another] because it will be harder to select. Likewise, your bags might get deformed. Consider having glass dividers installed in your closet—this will help you see everything in one glance.

#2 Hang more bags by using shower rings as hooks

Would you rather spend on a new tote than an organizing system? We know exactly how you feel. Save some extra cash by going the DIY route instead—all you need are shower curtain rings to create an instant bag storage! Hanging their handles from rings forces bags into a sideways position so they will naturally line up, meaning you get to store more pieces in a single row. Storage Ideas for Your Precious Bag Collection

#3 Organize your bags by color or type

Do you find it hard to look for your bag inside the closet? Segregating them by color or material will be a huge help! If possible, arrange them according to color or even material. For leather goods, it’s best to air them once in a while rather than storing them in closed containers to keep them in good condition.

#4 Explore alternatives when storing your prized bags

For bags that you regularly use, you can hang them on nice racks, or attach pegs on a wall for your bag display. This is perfect for changing bags in between work days! Just a word of caution: do not display too many to avoid clutter.

#5 Try repurposing a hanging shoe rack as an organizer for smaller bags

For those who are looking for an alternative, budget-friendly option—you can try hanging shoe racks! These affordable pieces are sturdy enough to hold clutches or party bags. Aside from that, they’re usually clear so you can see what you want to use in an instant.


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