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Tricks to Get More Coverage from Your Foundation and Concealer

Tricks to Get More Coverage from Your Foundation and Concealer After finding your perfect foundation and concealer, knowing the right way to use them becomes the next obvious step. And on the topic of coverage, there a lot of things you can do to get the most out of your products. Changing how you blend alone could affect your makeup massively! Read on below for our best coverage-building tips for a flawless base:

#1 Moisturize like a pro

Skin prepping is an art in itself, and if you want more coverage, don’t be shy with the moisturizer and eye cream. Those two plus primer give pigments something to cling on to, so it’ll be easier for you to apply and cover anything you wish to conceal. In contrast, a dry and unmoisturized face will lead to foundation either caking up or not adhering to the skin.

#2 Make sure you have the right shade

Having the perfect shade of base products is crucial for a flawless base. Because with it, you won’t have to worry about blending a ton of product down your neck just for it to match and looking like you’re wearing a mask of makeup. Tricks to Get More Coverage from Your Foundation and Concealer

#3 Tap to blend

The coverage you get out of your liquid or cream products depends mostly on how you blend. For example, swiping or buffing your foundation and concealer onto your skin achieves a light and natural finish, since you’re thinning the product out. On the other hand, simply tapping or stippling pushes product onto the skin and makes sure that your base sticks to the area you want it to be in. Use this technique when concealing blemishes, dark circles, scarring, and sun spots!

#4 Work in layers

Many of us would think that one layer of full coverage foundation is enough for a flawless face. While this could be true, the skin you’ll end up with will appear more natural if you work with thin layers. This way, you can slowly build coverage until you’re satisfied instead of having to buff away excess product if you applied too much. It’s the technique celebrity makeup artists use to perfect the stars’ skin!

#5 Skip the sponge

Makeup sponges like the beauty blender are designed to absorb excess product to give a skin-like finish. By default, base products applied with them will have its coverage reduced unlike if you were to use a brush that barely absorbs anything. So unless your foundation or concealer is truly full coverage even with a sponge, use a brush. But in case you accidentatally apply too much, pick up that beauty blender for smoothing out any streaks.


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