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Things You Should Never Do to Your Pimples

Things You Should Never Do to Your Pimples Your patience will go a long way.

#1 Using toothpaste to treat them

This internet-famous hack doesn’t work at all because toothpaste is loaded with harsh, active ingredients. Dabbing it on the pimple will only make the infection worse. Instead, spot-treat the area using products with benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid.

#2 Touching them incessantly

It may be tempting to rub your fingers over the spot to feel its texture, but this nasty habit exposes your zit to bacteria found on your hands.

#3 Squeezing them

Sure, popping a pimple would make the ugly head disappear ASAP, but doing so may leave a scar! It’s best to visit the derma to have it tamed. Things You Should Never Do to Your Pimples

#4 Washing your face too much

You may think that aggressively washing the face will speed up the healing process. While your intentions may be to kill bacteria, this practice is simply counter-intuitive. Excessive scrubbing leads to the premature eruption of the zit’s barrier, which subjects it to further irritation. What you can do is to cleanse as soon as you get home and follow up with products made to treat acne.

#5 Rushing the results

Applying a thick layer of spot treatment to accelerate skin recovery won’t work—you’re just wasting product. Instead of piling on a slab of ointment to ‘saturate’ the zit, dab only the prescribed amount and wait for the pimple to heal on its own. Patience is a virtue!


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