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Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Be Pressured to Be in a Relationship

Reasons Why You Shouldn't Be Pressured to Be in a Relationship What’s wrong with being single? These days, some people see being single as loneliness. You might feel pressured to go ahead and be in a relationship. It may feel special to finally call someone your own. But we warn you, don’t fall into the trap of being in a relationship out of obligation.

Obligation because of that great effort he did to surprise you. Or because people keep nagging you to accept him. There are a thousand scenarios but it all ends with you to be in a relationship that you are not ready for. At the end of the day, it won’t be doing you or the person involved any good.

#1 It’s going to be hard to live out of expectations. That in turn, you make promises that are hard to keep.

Every day of your relationship with this person may seem like a responsibility to you. You are the girlfriend, right? So you need to play the role of the girlfriend. Reasons Why You Shouldn't Be Pressured to Be in a Relationship

#2 Because you don’t know the person fully, you’re making a blind investment.

You don’t really love the person, remember? How will you ever love his flaws, too?

#3 It’s too late to change your mind and you can’t get out of this.

By the time you realize that this is not what you signed up for, It will be too late. Because you don’t want to end up being the bad guy and risk breaking a heart.

#4 It robs your independence and you’ll take it the wrong way.

A relationship may give you some boundaries. This limits you from doing things you normally do when you were single.

#5 You’ll be longing for a fantasy when all you deserve is your reality.

You have this perfect dream of what it’s like to be in a relationship. What it feels like to love a person like how the books or romance movies paint it out to be. You deserve to know how love really feels like and make it your reality.


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