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5 Pants to Wear That Aren’t Denim

Pants to Wear That Aren't Denim When you’re too busy figuring out how to handle Accounting and Calculus in the same sem, it’s a no-brainer that fashion must take a back seat. It’s time to go back to the no-fail style equation of t-shirt and jeans. But there’s more to life than just denim jeans. And frankly, these other styles are more comfortable and can instantly dress up your current OOTD, too! So when your brain is too tired to wonder about what to wear, swap your denim jeans with these pants style and let your outfit take charge without having to worry about your style statement.

#1 Culottes

Culottes made a huge comeback a few years back and we couldn’t be any happier. Not only are they trendy, but they’re comfortable and versatile, too! Seriously, what’s not to love? Plus, they look great in flats or sneakers, too. Pants to Wear That Aren't Denim #2 Cigarette

Pull an Audrey Hepburn this 2017 and rock a pair of cigarette pants. Wear it with a striped tee for a Parisian look or wear with it with a logo tee for a more current look.

#3 Leather

While a pair of leather pants can be intimidating, it’s just as versatile as your denim and edgier, too!

#4 Jumpsuit

No time to wonder what to wear? Just throw on a jumpsuit and you’re all set.

#5 Printed

While a pair of printed pants aren’t for your everyday look, when you’re feeling bold, you know this style is your best bet!


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