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How to Reduce the Risk of Developing Breast Cancer

How to Reduce the Risk of Developing Breast Cancer Our biggest trouble with breast cancer is that most of us are not sure how we can avoid it. The disease is too common in women that it rings familiar enough for us to ignore its severity. For some, it takes the loss of a relative or a friend before they take action, which obviously should not be the case. Being free of the illness requires more proactivity, because in actual fact, being a woman alone puts us at risk of it.

Here are a few ways to reduce the risk of developing breast cancer:

#1 Quit smoking

In a study by the American Cancer Society, new cases of invasive breast cancer is 24% higher in smokers than in nonsmokers, while former smokers come in at 13%.

#2 Exercise more regularly

Four to seven hours of moderate to intense exercise per week has shown to reduce the risk of breast cancer. They explain that exercise consumes and controls blood sugar and limits blood levels of insulin growth factor that affects how breast cells grow and behave. How to Reduce the Risk of Developing Breast Cancer

#3 Reduce your alcohol consumption

Compared to non-drinkers, women who have two to three alcoholic drinks per day are 20% more likely to develop breast cancer. Limiting one’s consumption to one drink a day to reduce your own risk.

#4 Watch what you eat

It is said that our diet is responsible for 30-40% of all cancers. And although there is no specific food or diet that has been proven to prevent us from developing breast cancer, sticking to whole foods for nutrition helps reduce our risk for the disease.


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