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The Right Way to Shampoo Your Hair

The Right Way to Shampoo Your Hair Clean hair is healthy hair, and to have both, proper shampooing is key. Since you can’t always have your favorite salon pros do it for you, it’s crucial to learn the right techniques on your own. Believe us, knowing how to work that lather the right way will save you from the horrors of dandruff, hair fall, and breakage! So give your locks some proper TLC and check out our pro-approved tips below:

#1 Detangle before washing

To save you the unnecessary hair fall and breakage, take the time to brush your hair before you shower. Svenson trichologist Teresa Cruz explains, “This will help loosen dirt, remove any stray hair, and untangle knots.”

#2 Watch the water temperature

Like our skin, hair also reacts differently to different temperatures. Teresa notes that warm water is best when used before shampooing, since it will open the cuticles in your hair and remove any dirt or leftover product trapped inside. Meanwhile, cold water is better for rinsing because it signals the hair cuticles to close, helping the hair lock in moisture. The Right Way to Shampoo Your Hair

#3 Don’t use water that’s too hot

The trichologist strongly advises against hot water for efficient shampooing. “It opens the hair cuticle, thereby allowing keratin proteins, natural moisturizing factors, and color molecules to escape, so hair loses strength and color fades,” she says.

#4 Lather your shampoo right

For a salon-worthy wash, massage your shampoo into your hair like an expert would. “Apply the right amount on your scalp, then start the lather at the roots using vertical strokes with medium pressure,” directs the Svenson expert. “Afterwards, smooth the lather over the ends of your hair in a straight stroking motion.”

#5 Don’t scratch your scalp

No matter how dirty your hair feels, avoid scrubbing your scalp too harshly, let alone scratching it with your fingernails. “Wet hair is weak and more prone to breaking, so be gentle,” says the trichologist.


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