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Things Working Students Can Do to De-stress

Things working students can do to de-stress It’s been established in the 2012 report by the American Psychological Association, it has been established that Millennials are the most stressed generation. However, within the generation itself, women are likely to face more pressures compared to men. In fact, 51%of millennial women reported showing signs of stress like lying awake in bed at night, becoming more irritable, and losing motivation.

For employed women, 74% feel pressured in their job and the demanding tasks can create an imbalance in their professional and personal lives. Meanwhile, 23% of working millennial women find their gender may be the reason why they’re not getting ahead in their job which leads to even more stresses and anxiety. While these issues are meant for another story, we’re sharing with you various ways to cope first so you don’t spiral into a mental and physical agony.

#1 Treat yourself

When your payday (or you allowance!) comes, set aside some money to treat yourself with new clothes, shoes, makeup, or skin care products. Celebrate little things like your friendship, good health, and other small milestones. Things working students can do to de-stress

Treating yourself doesn’t always have to be done in a materialistic way. You can treat yourself by spending your free time finishing a novel you’ve always wanted to read or go people-watching in an alfresco café while enjoying a cup of coffee. Reward yourself with things that can put your mind at ease, away from all the tensions of everyday life

#2 Pamper yourself

Do a pampering session every weekend. Soak in the bathtub, use sheet masks, or get a massage. You can also turn your room into a spa by lighting a few scented candles and just lying in bed while your favorite music is playing in the background.

#3 Improve yourself

Improve yourself physically and mentally. For your body, try spending an hour or two a day working out. It’s been proven that physical exercise can help reduce stress because it produces endorphins, a chemical found in the brain that can act as a natural painkiller. You don’t always have to exercise for aesthetic reasons. Do it because you know you’ll feel better afterward, which improves your physical and mental state at one go.

#4 Motivate yourself

If you still can’t get yourself out of that rut, think about all the reasons why you do what you do. Sure, work and study for financial stability but that shouldn’t be the sole reason why you do things. As the idea of feminism steadily evolves, women are seeking more than just financial stability. Some aim to minimize wage gap, bring about equal opportunities, and promote intersectionality among women from different races and backgrounds.


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