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Things You Can Do With Your Empty Notebooks

Things You Can Do With Your Empty Notebooks If you can’t resist any form of notebooks, you probably have a huge collection of unused ones stashed in one of your desk drawers. Instead of letting it gather dust, use them to write different things. These tips on how you can fill your empty notebooks, from Aileen of YouTube channel Lavendaire, will allow you to be more creative and at the same time serve as a good excuse to buy more. LOL!

#1 Stream of consciousness

“My favorite way to fill up a journal is to do stream of consciousness writing. I have a morning pages journal where I write in it every morning. It’s basically letting your thoughts flow on paper without filtering yourself.”


#2 Current me vs future me

“On one side of the page, you paint a picture of who you are at the moment and then on the other side of the page, you paint the picture of who you want to be, who your ideal self is. It’s a really great way to evaluate your goals and how you get to where you wanna be.” Things You Can Do With Your Empty Notebooks


#3 Monthly highlights

“At the end of the month, I’ll review what happened and just jot down the highlights from that past month—people that I saw, places that I went—just so at the end of the year, I can look back and see what my year at a glance.”


#4 Doodles and sketches

“You can also keep a notebook just to doodle and express your creativity in different visual ways.”


#5 Gratitude, success and joy

“About once a week, I’ll sit down and write the things that I’m grateful for, things that brought me joy during the week, or little victories that I could celebrate with myself.”


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