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Ways to Organize Your Notes

Ways to Organize Your Notes Organizing your notes can be hard especially when you’re taking 10 subjects at once. But you can fix that problem with some of these note-organizing hacks and school supplies to go with it.

#1 Buy a notebook with dividers or divisions

Notebooks that have dividers are the way to go when you want to organize your notes. It will also help lessen the things you bring to class every day because you don’t need to bring a notebook for each class you have.

#2 Use colored pens/markers to separate different lessons discussed in class

Color-coding your notes can help you organize the lessons in class. You can use colored markers or pens to emphasize the topic and use your regular black pen to write the things discussed in relation to the topic. Ways to Organize Your Notes

#3 Use sticky notes

Sticky notes prove to be helpful when reminding you of the things you need to do. You can also color-code the sticky notes for different reminders. For example: blue for those due the next day, red for those due the following week, etc. These will help you notice and remember the things you have to do rather than going over your notes and looking for it there.

#4 Write the topic as the title on your notes

Always write the topic on the top part of your notes. This will help you identify the lessons or topics you’re looking for easily.

#5 Use bullets when writing notes

Use numbers and bullets to summarize your notes to help you avoid the tiresome task of reading through an entire paragraph when looking for something specific.

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