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Things You Can Do to Keep Your Black Jeans From Fading

Things You Can Do to Keep Your Black Jeans From Fading Denim is a revered fabric by the fashion world. Its versatility makes it one of the closet staples that you can easily spruce up or dress down. However, finding the perfect pair is no easy task, so when you do find yours, you better take good care of it. And we all know that when it comes to black jeans, they require a special set of care requirements to keep them in their pure ebony state. Read on to know how to keep your black jeans from fading!

#1 Pre-treat your jeans with a cup of vinegar and a teaspoon of salt

After purchasing a new pair of black jeans, seal in the dye by soaking your jeans for about half an hour in cold water mixed with a cup of white vinegar and a teaspoon of salt. Then you can rinse and hang them dry. With this treatment, you’ll prevent your jeans from bleeding in the next washes.

#2 Wash inside out

Before throwing your black jeans in the washer, turn them inside out to prevent its fibers from becoming damaged. Frayed ends can attract lint and will affect your jeans’ color. Things You Can Do to Keep Your Black Jeans From Fading

#3 Wash in cold water

Choose the coolest water temperature when you wash your dark jeans. Hot water fades dye faster so be sure to put the rinse cycle in the coolest setting as well.

#4 Wash in a gentle cycle

Short and gentle cycles will prevent your jeans from suffering machine agitation. Machine agitation will stress the fibers of your jeans, making the fibers more prone to breakage. That said, choose the slowest spin cycle for your jeans.

#5 Use detergents specifically made for dark garments

There are detergents specifically made for dark fabrics, but if they are not available to you, use the least amount of regular detergent when washing your clothes. It is also advisable that you use a liquid detergent to prevent the undissolved particles from clinging on to the dark clothes that can fade the fabric.


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