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Reasons Why You Should Not Introduce Babe to Your Friends Yet

Reasons Why You Should Not Introduce Babe to Your Friends Yet Here’s the thing: you got together with someone so amazing and you want everyone you hold so dear in your life to meet him and see how amazing he is.

While there is no exact length of time you’ve been together to determine when the right time for you to introduce babe to your friends is, you have to trust your judgments and the current condition of your relationship and friendship first. For that, we’ve come up with a list to make you think twice about introducing your babe to your friends for now.

#1 You just want their approval

Check your intentions. Are you looking for their approval or their opinions on your partner? We know how important it is for your friends to love who you love, too, but ultimately, it’s your decision if you’re going to love him through and through. Reasons Why You Should Not Introduce Babe to Your Friends Yet

#2 You have kept your relationship from them

Before anything else, make sure you haven’t kept your relationship with babe a secret. If you want to introduce him to your friends, at least let them know that you’re with someone now and he’s incredible.

#3 You haven’t given babe an orientation on your friends

It’s the same thing with your babe. Make sure you tell him about your friends—even about their pet peeves. We’re not asking that you tell him about their life stories, but just give him enough details to let him know who they are in your life.

#4 You haven’t even asked babe about it

We know that surprises are great, but there are some—like meeting your loved ones—that you need to talk about with babe first. Help him make a good impression to your friends and prepare him emotionally before this nerve-wracking event.

#5 You’re not emotionally prepared for the outcome

While you want it to happen, ask yourself whether you’re ready to hear what your friends have to say about babe and your relationship. Sure, the ideal scenario is that they will like him, too. But what if it’s the opposite? Are you ready for that?


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