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Ways You Can Prepare for a Board Exam

Ways You Can Prepare for a Board Exam Got an upcoming board exam to prepare for? We got you! Here are some tips to ace your much-dreaded exam.

  1. Set a schedule and stick to it

Plot all the topics covered by your exam in a calendar. Set a goal that you need to finish for each day. It’s up to you how you’ll schedule everything that you need to study for but make sure that it will be realistic so that you won’t have any problem catching up! By making studying a habit, there’ll be less stress and pressure.

2. Prepare your review materials

Gather all your review materials and resources—college notes, handouts, previous test papers, and most importantly, your books. You can also ask your friends or people you know who have taken the board exam already for additional reviewers. Ways You Can Prepare for a Board Exam

3. Choose the perfect study area

If you don’t find your room conducive enough for studying, you may opt to stay in a place where you can focus and won’t be distracted. Coffee shops and cozy cafes are definitely first on the list for those who wish to study while enjoying their favorite cup of coffee to keep them awake for hours. There are also co-working spaces ideal for group study. If you don’t want to spend anything, you can always use your school library or public libraries located in your city.

4. Write down your notes instead of typing them

Don’t rely too much on photocopied notes. Always keep a handy notebook and pen with you. It would better to write whatever info you find important while you’re reading. Trust me, you’ll retain info better that way.

5. Sleep after studying

Have you ever thought of pulling an all-nighter? Don’t ever be jealous on people who didn’t sleep because they studied all night. When you stay up all night, it will be less likely for you to remember everything you read. Sleeping after learning improves memory. So lie down and grab some power nap!

6. Reward yourself

Make sure you reward or treat yourself for every goal you reach. Perhaps you can watch an episode or two of your favorite Netflix or TV series for every five chapters you finish? Don’t end up binge-watching though. Always check and stick to your schedule.


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