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Outfit Ideas to Wear to Your Next Concert

Outfit Ideas to Wear to Your Next Concert With a slew of concerts lined up this year — from PhoenixAriana GrandeThe ChainsmokersJustin Bieber, and Ed Sheeran —you may already be planning your outfits to rock the night out with your friends.

While music merch is always a good idea to wear, you might want to take it up a notch. But always take note of where the concert will be held so you can dress accordingly. If you’re stuck in a style rut, we put together a few outfits below that are fit for every concert venue.

1.       Outdoors

The best and most practical advice we can give you when it comes to outdoor events is to wear sturdy shoes. When dressing up, take into account the weather as well.

Make sure to wear footwear that will survive the night, too! Complete your outfit with dark pieces that will mask the sweat and dirt to ensure you’re still looking chic by the end of the night.

2.       Open grounds

You may not have mud as your enemy here but you should still consider other elements that are outside your control. For example, your fellow concert-goers! You may not be jumping up and down the night away, but surely other people will, and trust us, they will unintentionally stomp on you. It’s better to wear shoes that will keep your toes covered and protected. Slip on your fave logo tee and statement skirt and add some edge by wearing fishnet socks! Outfit Ideas to Wear to Your Next Concert

3.       Smaller venues

Smaller venues like gastro pubs and clubs allow you to dress more freely. That said, it’s time for you to bring out low block heels to give you a little sultry boost without the heel pain. Wear a pair of bedazzled denim jeans and a cute top so you won’t look too overdressed.

4.       Indoors

Indoor concerts are usually held in domes and arenas. Since you’re in an enclosed area, it’s best to wear something comfy that will let you dance the night away. This calls for you to bring out your athleisure pieces and dress them up to for a night event. Outfit Ideas to Wear to Your Next Concert

5.       Auditorium

Concerts don’t just mean pop stars or rock bands belting out their hits, it can also mean concertos or symphonies. If you happen to get invited or snag tickets to these, they’re usually held in auditoriums and call for more dressed up attire. Wear your statement dresses and tops and add a little shimmer to your look to stand out.

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