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Best Responses to a Flirty Text from Someone Already Taken

Best responses to a flirty text from someone already taken It’s upsetting to know that there are some men who can’t help but stray and cheat even though their girlfriends and wives treat them well. But, it’s also important to note that cheating is a two-way street—it happens because both parties agree to committing it. Sure, the man who made the first move is at fault, but when the other woman reciprocates it, it’s already a different story.

So, if you hate to be tangled in a cheating mess or be labeled the ‘third party,’ you have to be firm in dissing his flirty moves. Here are the best responses you can give to an attached guy whom you think is being overly friendly with you:

1.       “Sorry, I’m not into cheaters.”

Straight to the point. *hairflip*

2.       “I’m too fabulous to be your number 2.”

Because why settle? You deserve to be the only one!

3.       “I’m not really a fan of secondhand…items.”

You’d rather have no one than settle for meaningless flings. Best responses to a flirty text from someone already taken

4.       “I’m flattered, but I’d rather stay single than mingle with boys like you.”

Don’t even try to get near me, little boy.

5.       “With that face, you’ve got the nerve to cheat.”

Sometimes, cheaters are just loaded with confidence – lots of it.

6.       “I don’t settle for damaged goods.”

Quality over everything else.

7.       “You’re not my type. I prefer guys with personality.”

…or have the decency to stay loyal to their partners. You’re actually contemplating on sending a screencap of the message to his GF.

8.       “I have high standards – and you don’t make the cut.”

As a strong and independent woman, settling as someone else’s spare tire or booty call can never be an option.


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