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Ideas to Inspire You to Redecorate Your Room This Summer

Ideas to Inspire You to Redecorate Your Room This Summer Lighten the look of your home for warm-weather months with these breezy decor ideas.

1.       Add pops of color

Swap in graphic paintings, fresh flowers or vibrant dishes for the fastest possible makeover. If you’re ever stuck, lighten your lights and darken your darks to create contrast.

2.       Amp up the bar

Fresh and fruity summer cocktails deserve a dedicated station. Whip up a mojito or mai tai at a well-stocked table. Every island house needs a fantastic, spilling-over bar.

3.       Bring furniture outdoors

An outdoor set-up on a shady spot can function as a breakfast room, reading nook or dinner table when the weather’s nice. Ideas to Inspire You to Redecorate Your Room This Summer

4.       Try the Bohemian look

Vibrant colors, a mix of patterns and flowers everywhere — real, painted and printed — make the living room cheerful, bright and playful.

5.       Hang flowy curtains

Gauzy panels by the pool add privacy, shield the sun and keep mosquitoes at bay.

6.       Make the trim matter

Fresh cushions or pillows can change up an entire room, especially if you consider the details. There’s a nautical feeling to things like the trim on the curtains and the piping on the upholstery.

7.       Frame your florals

Impress guests by hanging your garden, like a chandelier of potted plants in an outdoor dining room. Plus, you’ll have extra tabletop space for place-settings and party food.

8.       Add a canopy

Panels of pure white feel fresh, not heavy. Swathes of white eyelet make a grand statement in a Caribbean home’s guest bedroom.

9.       Hang a mirror

This mirror makes the porch feel more like an actual room. An added benefit? At night it reflects the candlelight so beautifully.

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