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Things You Can Do in or Less Than 5 Minutes

main image - Things You Can Do in or Less Than 5 Minutes Time is very important to most of us. If one doesn’t know how to multitask, it can be very hard to finish your work, your household chores, and it will leave you with no time to sleep, chill and be with your loved ones. To save time, here are some ideas on things that you can do in or less than 5 minutes:

  1. Answer 5 emails.
  2. Return a phone call.
  3. Read a few pages of a book. (On your phone or iPad.)
  4. Tell someone how much you appreciate them.
  5. Listen to someone tell you a story. (And just be there.)
  6. Write in your journal. It doesn’t have to be long. A few notes here and there add up quickly.
  7. Pay someone a compliment.
  8. Do a favor for someone. (Even a stranger…)
  9. Review your calendar.
  10. Affirm your goals. (They are written down, right?)
  11. Listen to a motivation song.
  12. Check your todo list. (If you don’t look at it, it can’t have your back.) Things You Can Do in or Less Than 5 Minutes
  13. Clean your workspace.
  14. Go for a walk, around the office.
  15. Text someone just to say you love or miss them.
  16. Do a quick task. (Or even a couple.)
  17. Delegate an item that you have been holding up.
  18. Slow down and catch your breath.
  19. Add a new phone number to your address book.
  20. Do some preventative maintenance. (Before there is an issue!)
  21. Enjoy where you are… you will never be in that exact moment again.

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