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Amazing and Delicious Slow Cooker Recipes

We can think of few things better than walking through the door after a long day and knowing that a home-cooked meal awaits us. And since we don’t have our own personal live-in chefs, we’ll have to rely on our slow cookers to help us out.

Amazing and delicious slow cooker recipes These comforting recipes take just a little bit of prep work in the morning or the night before, and then rely on the slow cooker to do the heavy lifting. Your future self will thank you.

1.  Slow-cooked Brisket and Onions

This recipe is one of the examples of where the slow cooker really shines. How else could you serve brisket on a weeknight without your trusty slow cooker? Fix this for dinner and your family or dinner guests will thank you.

Get the recipe here Amazing and delicious slow cooker recipes

2.  Slow cooker Curried Vegetable and Chickpea Stew

Made with coconut milk, this spicy stew is actually vegan. But the flavors are so bold and delicious that even the staunchest carnivores will line up for seconds.

Get the recipe here

3.  Slow cooker Peppered Beef Shank in Red Wine

You’d never guess this meal came from a slow cooker by looking at it. That’s what makes it the perfect meal for a weeknight dinner party.

Get the recipe here Amazing and delicious slow cooker recipes

4.  Slow cooker Chicken Burrito Bowls

This is the best kind of slow-cooker recipe. Not only is the cooking time hands-off, but the prep time is minimal as well. Oh, and the end result gets covered in cheese. Perfect.

Get the recipe here

5.  Slow cooker Boeuf Bourguignon

This is more than just beef stew. The French classic is worth all the hype. And making it in the slow cooker makes it even more appealing for all the time you’ll save.

Get the recipe here Amazing and delicious slow cooker recipes

6.  Slow-cooked French Onion Soup

You read that right. You can cook French onion soup using a slow-cooker. This kitchen appliance works wonders!

Get the recipe here

7.  Slow cooker Hearty Chicken Minestrone

The key to making this minestrone is making the chicken stock in your slow cooker, and then adding the vegetables and pasta toward the end. It might seem strange to assemble the full soup at the end, but the stock is what makes this recipe a keeper.

Get the recipe here

8.  Slow-cooked Pork Chops

Keep your pork chops juicy by giving them a dunk in brine for an extra flavor that also keeps them from drying out.

Get the recipe here Amazing and delicious slow cooker recipes

9.  Slow cooker Tuna Noodle Casserole

Don’t relegate tuna noodle casserole to the kids’ table — or the oven. This grown-up version is sophisticated enough for adults, and will surely trigger plenty of nostalgia.

Get the recipe here

10.  Slow cooker Cheesy Baked Spinach and Mozzarella Rigatoni

This is basically a baked pasta casserole, but minus the baking. It’s the easiest dinner to throw together in the morning and return to at the end of the workday. Now all you have to do for meal prep is assemble a salad and open a bottle of red wine.

Get the recipe here


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