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Woman on Top: How to Secure A Promotion

Job Promotion It’s time for a career growth and you’re in luck – a position in the top level has just opened up!  But how exactly do you speak to your boss about a promotion?  How do you make sure you bag it instead of someone else?  Seeking a promotion is one of the most nerve-wracking experiences in the office.  Below are our 5 tips on how to secure a promotion at work.


Have a Stellar Work Performance

Stellar Work Performance How to Promotion Your current performance will speak volumes about your potential to be promoted.  Make sure you are taking on challenges, suggesting new ideas, and bringing in results.  You can’t just be average – get noticed!  Make sure you have a good reputation as a superb employee, from your direct supervisor or colleagues.

Try not to miss work or take more time off than what is allotted.  Being a slacker is not a label that you want to stick to your name.

Be A Team Player

How to Promotion Team Player Office Ask yourself – would you want someone like you to be part of your team?  Working is not just excelling as an individual.  It also means you can work effectively in a team and encourage everyone to work towards a common goal.  Volunteer for committees and offer to help your boss or coworkers who might need your expertise.


Attend office parties and gatherings as much as possible.  This allows you to network with colleagues in a less formal environment.  This way, they will get to connect and interact with you on a more personal level.  The more people who know you personally, the more chances your name will be mentioned for promotion considerations.

Acquire New Skills

How to Promotion Learn Skills Seminar Versatility is so important in the workplace.  You can’t just be good at one thing, you have to have at least a working knowledge on other aspects of the business.  Take time to acquire or update your skills.  If your company offers programs that allow you to continue your education, take advantage of it!  Attend seminars and workshops.

Build Your Case

Compile your achievements and be prepared to back up your desire to seek a promotion with facts about how you contributed to the business.  Speak with your boss and present to him why you deserve the promotion.  This will at least let him know of your intentions and will get you noticed.

Listing down your achievements will also come in handy if your company has a recruitment process for internal job postings.  Don’t assume the hiring manager knows about your background.  Update your resume and highlight strong contributions to the company.

Have a Positive Attitude

While it’s good to make sure you got the technical aspect of the job covered, don’t forget to neglect your people skills!  Have a positive outlook and be friendly – this uplifts the morale of everyone around you.  When you are a happy person, people will want to work with you.  If you command the liking and respect of your colleagues, you will be known to better lead a team into greatness.

Remember, getting promoted is not so much about how well you do your job, it’s also about how you are as a person, your work ethics, and personality.  With these tips on how to secure a promotion, you’re on your way to make it big!

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