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Woman on Top: How to Prepare for a Job Interview

Job Interview We’ve guided you through preparing the perfect resume to land you your dream job, now let’s get you ready for the next step – how to prepare for a job interview.  The job interview is a very crucial step in the recruitment process because this is a personal and face-to-face evaluation which allows the recruiter to better determine if you’re the person they’re looking for.  Below are some tips on how to prepare for a job interview.

Research the Company and Industry

research company industry job interview Just as you had looked into the company and the position when making the resume, it’s wise to do a more in-depth research now that you’re about to do an interview.  Visit the company website, read about their mission and vision statements, get to know their products and services, and familiarize yourself with their top executives.

Go beyond the company and read about the latest trends and developments in the industry.  Prepare to discuss ideas about where the company stands compared to its competitors, and where you see it headed to in the next few years.

Prepare Answers to Anticipated Questions

Interviewers have a common set of questions that they often ask recruiters.  Make sure you prepare answers to them beforehand.  Do craft your answers in a positive way.  Prepare notes on your biggest achievements, or keywords to anything you would like to highlight about yourself.  This way, even if you’re not asked a particular question about it, you can work it in other questions instead of not mentioning it at all.

prepare answers to questions interview Nowadays, recruiters have questions that are geared towards the past instead of what you can do for them in the future.  Be sure to prepare answers to questions like, “Tell me about a time when,” or “What was your biggest mistake?”  This way, you won’t have to struggle with impromptu examples that might not be the best ones.  And, don’t forget to come in prepared to questions about your salary expectations.

Also prepare your own questions about the company.  The interview should be not a one-sided conversation – make sure you engage the interviewer as well.

Make a Good First Impression

Come in early!  Familiarize yourself with the location, plan your journey beforehand, and bring extra cash for bus or taxi money, just in case.  Plan out your outfit and wear sensible work clothes.  Suit your clothes to the working environment of the company you’re applying for.  Bring necessary documents with you – your curriculum vitae, references and portfolio, if necessary.

Observe Job Interview Etiquette

job interview etiquette Be polite with everyone you meet – from the lobby receptionist to the interviewer.  During the interview proper, make sure you take time to listen to the questions before answering.  Pause if you have to, and clarify if you’re unsure of what the interviewer is trying to ask you.  Speak in a well modulated voice, make eye contact, and observe proper posture.  Lean slightly forward to show that you’re interested in the conversation.  Don’t forget to put your phone on silent mode!

Those are just some tips on how to prepare for a job interview.  You can practice your answers by talking in front of a mirror, or by having a close friend act as the interviewer.  On the big day, try not to be nervous!  Just be yourself, answer questions truthfully, and be earnest and interested in the job. Good luck!

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